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Denver Duncan

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Praise for the Worship Hub
"I can't believe how many opportunities are out there that I didn't even know about!" - Austin Cannon, Musician
"This will help me find more opportunities to do what God has called me to do." - Ashley Courtney, Vocalist
"I have needed this for our church for years now!" - Chris Gulley, Worship Pastor

About the Hub

Connecting Churches and Musicians

We understand that putting together a quality service isn’t always an easy thing to do. Many times finding musicians and vocalists to integrate into that service can be the toughest part. The fact is that there are many musicians looking for churches to plug in and help. Until now they have often been too tough to find for many churches.

Worship Hub’s goal is to be a resource that both churches and musicians can use to find one another with the ultimate goal of helping the ministering abilities of the local church.


Joining the Hub

Membership to Worship Hub is $4.99 a month for Musicians and $199 a year for Churches. Payments are handled securely through

$4.99 a month
$199 a year

Where's the Hub At

Is the Hub where you are?

Worship Hub is continually growing and expanding into new areas. If it’s not in your area, simply sign up below to be notified as soon as it is. But don’t just wait, we’ll send you resources to help us spread the word and get it to your area quicker.

Worship Hub is currently available in the following cities
Chicago - IL, Cleveland - OH, Grand Rapids - MI, Kansas City - KS, Mobile - AL, Nashville - TN, Oklahoma City - OK, Wichita - KS