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Praise for the Worship Hub
"I usually find churches through word of mouth. Worship Hub is like that, but I have a larger network to find opportunities!" - Austin Cannon, Musician
"Worship Hub makes it easy to get connected with churches. I can focus more on serving God than trying to find places to serve." - Ashley Courtney, Vocalist
"Our worship leaders can create better services because we aren’t scrambling to find people to play." - Chris Gulley, Worship Pastor

About the Hub

Connecting Churches and Musicians

Every worship service’s goal is to prepare hearts to worship God. It’s difficult to focus on that goal when a church can’t find a guitarist or a drummer can’t find a church. Musicians can’t use their talents to serve unless they have a place to serve. Churches can’t lead people in worship unless they find musicians to lead.

Worship Hub alleviates the stress and strain of finding musicians to play and churches to serve so that we can get back to the goal: Worshiping God.


Joining the Hub

Worship Hub is FREE for Musicians and $199 a year for Churches. Payments are handled securely through

$199 a year

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Worship Hub is currently available in the following cities
Chicago - IL, Cleveland - OH, Grand Rapids - MI, Kansas City - KS, Mobile - AL, Nashville - TN, Oklahoma City - OK, Wichita - KS

Don’t see your city? Don’t worry! Worship Hub is continually growing and expanding. Musicians can always sign up for FREE anywhere, and churches will not be charged until there are a minimum of 50 musicians in your area. So go ahead and sign up today and help us come to your city!